Interested in submitting your book for a Book of the Day or Newsletter Feature?

Book of the Day – $10
This deal includes a newsletter blast of your book to our Haunted by Reading list and Haunted by Reading social media channels, including our page, our social group, and our party room. With this deal, you get first placement in the newsletter and a special landing page on the website. This blast also goes to our combined network of personal social media for double the social reach.

Newsletter feature – $5
Want your book featured to our subscribers? This feature covers a share in the mailing list and on the Haunted by Reading Facebook page but NOT in the Haunted by Reading social group or party room.

Take over our party room!
Starting in January, we’ll be booking takeovers in the party room! A 1-hour takeover is FREE but requires you invite at least 10 readers to join the party group. The party group is almost three thousand members strong and growing! More information coming soon!